Indoor Puppy Toilet Training Got Us Through Another Winter

Indoor Puppy Toilet Training

Well, it’s officially spring today and I must say that the indoor puppy toilet training system that we used with a dog litter box got us through another Canadian winter.  Although it wasn’t really a bad, harsh winter, there were days when it was just really too cold and windy to go outside in my opinion.  Those are the days when we are really glad that we have a dog litter box in place inside the house.

Of course, this wasn’t the case for the other dog owners out there who still had to brave the winter out there to take their dogs out a few times per day, even if it was for a little bit.  Not us, as we stayed inside our warm comfortable house thanks to the indoor puppy toilet training that my two lhasa apso dogs went through since day one with me.

We Welcome Spring

Although we love winter when it’s not too cold and if it’s sunny out there, we also welcome spring especially after we get through the wet period when things are still melting out there.  We will definitely spend more time outside but not because they have to but because of exercise and fun.  The wooded trails are probably still too wet and dirty so they will have to wait for maybe a few weeks while we do the soccer parks and even the sidewalks through the residential neighbourhood around here.

Once the trails in the woods are dry enough, we will be going in there at least 4 to 5 times per week right through to beginning of next winter as those trails are our favourite walks outside.

Projecting for next winter, if you don’t want to be a dog owner that has to go through another bad winter out there with your dog (and don’t forget the bad rain days during the rest of the year too), then you should really investigate indoor puppy toilet training as a way for your dog to do his or her business.

puppy toilet training dog litter box
Creative Commons License photo credit: Allie_Caulfield

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