Indoor Puppy Housebreaking Allows All Day Skiing

Long All Day Ski Trips

I’m usually at home with my dogs most days but during the winter, I’m out on long all day ski trips where I have to drive two hours north to my ski resort called Blue Mountain, ski several hours and then drive another two hours back home.  Since I want to catch the morning snow, I leave my house by 7 am and usually don’t get home until about 5 or 6 pm.  This is not a problem for my two lhasa apso dogs at all spending all those hours inside at home because they both have been on a successful indoor puppy housebreaking training system.

Most people would have to rush home to take their dogs out to do their business.  Not me.  When winter comes, it’s part of my lifestyle to go skiing a few days of the week all season long.  So say three days out of the week, I’m out the door before sunrise and back home when the sun is already setting.

Indoor Puppy Housebreaking Advantages

The great advantages of an indoor puppy housebreaking system is that it gives me the freedom to maintain my lifestyle of long winter ski days without the need for my dogs to hold everything in while they are inside the house.  They simply go to their nifty indoor dog toilet in the form of a dog litter box set up for them.  Part of puppy housebreaking they had was to learn where this box is and to go there whenever they need to without soiling any other parts of my home.

You too can have this type of freedom for your life with your dog as well if you train your friend on an indoor puppy housebreaking system like I did.  The dog doesn’t have to wait for you to come home since it has a dedicated place inside the house to use.  More information on such an indoor puppy housebreaking system is available at my dog website where you can also access a basic dog obedience training video for free.

Creative Commons License photo credit: S. Diddy

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  • I find housebreaking very useful for big dogs like golden retrievers.