Indoor Potty When Dogs Don’t Want To Go Outside

indoor potty dog doesn't want to go outside

When Dogs Don’t Want To Go Outside

Winter is finally over here in Canada and it has been a very long and colder than usual winter.  This was great for me as a snow skier as my last ski day was April 16, a few weeks later than expected!  My two Lhasa Apso dogs love playing outside in the snow winter when the days were not too bone chilling cold and during the daytime hours only.

However. when it is too cold or windy or at night, they just do not want to go outside and I don’t blame them.  We did not do much walking this past winter as the trails were closed and not maintained by the city.  Sidewalks were terrible with road salt so we spent most of our days outside in the large back areas.

I hear from many dog owners that many dogs in fact do not want to go outside during really cold and wet days.  One of my readers in Massachusetts, USA reported similar habits with her dog Misha.  Joanne says Misha, much like my Chester and Roxie, love playing out in the snow.  But when it’s late at night, Misha just prefers to run into the room where her indoor potty is.

Indoor Dog Potty Preferred Late At Night

Here is what Joanne said about Misha this past winter;

“We’ve received a lot of snow here in Massachusetts also this winter.  She loved playing and jumping in the snow.  Misha is doing very well with her in-house potty. She barks at me when she needs to go out, but if it’s late at night, we see her run into the other room and use her potty box.  Good Misha!  Life is good!”

Life is indeed good when you have a smart dog like Misha (pictured above and below) trained to use the indoor potty whenever she (or the owners) doesn’t want to go outside.  Misha by the way has a striking resemblance to one of my past Lhasa Apsos, Max.

indoor potty training dogs doesn't want to go outside

Indoor Potty Training For All Adverse Weather

Not only for cold weather, but in regions where the summer days are much too hot, indoor potty for dogs is just as welcomed.  Any adverse weather is a good reason to indoor potty train dogs so that they do not have to go outside when it’s undesirable out there.

More information on the training progression for indoor potty methods is available at Potty Training Dogs Indoors.




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