Indoor Potty Dog Bathroom Options

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Indoor Potty Training For Dogs

If you are thinking about indoor potty training for your dog or puppy, that’s great since there are some awesome benefits including not having to deal with bad weather dog walks in snow storms or heat waves.  You and your dog can stay indoors where it is more comfortable.  An indoor potty will also give your dog somewhere to go in case you are late coming home.

Different Dog Bathroom Options

It turns out that there are different dog bathroom options available in the marketplace now.  Of course, there is the standard dog litter box which utilizes commercial dog litter like Purina Second Nature.  This is what my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie currently use.

There are also indoor potty systems that utilize an artificial grass turf system instead of dog litter.  One such system is The Pet Loo which I have a unit at home but haven’t tried yet.  Instead of having to replace soiled dog litter all the time, one would just have to clean the grass turf.  I don’t know how often this type of surface has to be cleaned yet since I haven’t put it to the test yet.

In my mind, both indoor potty systems, a dog litter box or one that uses a grass turf, are acceptable options as dog bathrooms.  Here is a short new video where I explain this with the two options in front of me.

I will be testing The Pet Loo out in the near future and report the results in this dog blog.

Indoor Potty Training The Same For Dogs

No matter which system you use, the indoor potty training to teach your dog to use it is essentially the same.  For more information on the actual training progression, see my webpage on Potty Training Your Dog Indoors.

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