Impressions On Magic Mesh As Doggy Door So Far

magic mesh doggy door

photo: Alexandratx

Magic Mesh As Doggy Door

It’s been about a week since I’ve installed the Magic Mesh as our doggy door to the outdoor back balcony deck.  It was to be an alternative to a dog door since my sliding screen patio door was removed due to some damage on the screen.  It started out okay but since then, I can see some of its flaws.

Sizing Of Magic Mesh

Although the installation was easy, the Magic Mesh itself was larger than most of the door openings here.  As a result, one complete side of it had to be attached to part of the stationary glass outside rather than a doorway opening side.

Although this side is holding, I can’t say this for the top and other side of the Magic Mesh.  The sticky velcro tabs are not long lasting at all.  Each day, either one of the tabs along the top or the side that is attached to part of the opening frame comes off.   If the tabs are not holding, I notice that the Magic Mesh will not close properly after opening and this will not function well as a doggy door for my Lhasa Apsos.

Magic Mesh Magnets Not Always Closing

The two sides of the Magic Mesh are closed by opposing magnets.  Although the magnets do close up pretty good if the two sides are close together, I’m finding that at times, the sides are left too far apart after my dogs go through the screen.  Only if I touch the screen a bit will them start to get close enough for the magnets to close up the two sides.  Again, this is not something I want to do each time the Magic Mesh is used.

I’m going to keep experimenting with the Magic Mesh to use clips to resize it along the bottom to see if it will work better.  Right now, my dogs learned to go through it and sometimes if a side tab is unattached to the frame, they can go under the screen as the push it with their heads.  The magnets still stay closed which is okay since my dogs can get in and out as a doggy door.  The only factor is whether the screen leaves openings large enough for bugs to get in.

Verdict As Doggy Door Not In Yet

So my verdict on whether the Magic Mesh is a true alternative to a doggy door is still not in yet.  If it passes, it probably won’t be in the shape of its original configuration since without adjustments, it won’t fit my patio doorway anyway.

This is why I’m delaying shooting a video with it.  Stay tuned for the final results of this experiment soon.

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