If Your Dog Is The First Thing You See Each Morning

Both of my dogs sleep inside my bedroom since they probably like the den and pack mentality.  My boy Chester is the one who usually gets up first and goes by himself to the litter box (more on this subject in coming posts).  As soon as he senses that I’m up, he will come over and prop himself up at the side of my bed so he will more or less be the first thing I see each morning when I get up.  What a great way to start each morning!

Chester is obviously eager to start the day with me.  And if I stay in bed long enough, eventually his sister Roxie will get out of her crate and come over as well.  I have to tell you, when they are the first things I see every day, it starts me on a positive note as well as a smile.

If you can somehow arrange it so that your dog (or cat) is there to greet you each morning, I guarantee that it will be a great therapeutic effect.  It gives you a sense of understanding on why humans and dogs have bonded for thousands of years.

I wrote this post on New Year’s day for 2010 and I can’t imagine starting the day or even the year any better!  Happy New Year to all!

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  • Clint!

    Great post. I have had dogs for more than 20 years and I just think they become part of the family and add to a great environment in the home. Perhaps it is that unconditional love. Perhaps it is the great company they provide. I just cannot imagine living without a dog. Our 85-lb. lab/shepherd/boxer/mutt cross often jumps in the bed in the early morning to snuggle in with us.

  • Oh jesus you will not belief this. My mindless puppy just farted on my arm!? I mean what’s the matter with that!? I care for that thing and I end up with that in exchange. I still will not really belief that. After all, you hold some interesting facts there in your article. I knew Google will bring me to some interesting stuff today :). Okay have to search for this animal now! Have a nice time you all!

  • My puppies fart regularly, especially when they are on their hind legs and their front paws are on the arm of my chair for some strange reason. It’s funny as hell though!