I Want An Indoor Dog Toilet Now!!

Some Dogs Don’t Like Cold Weather

When I was out in the backyard yesterday with my two dogs and a neighbour with his Maltese, he told me that sometimes when it’s really cold outside (as in the case of many days during our Canadian winter up here), his dog just doesn’t want to go outside.

Of course, his dog is traditionally house trained which means that he goes outside to do his business no matter how cold it is.  Usually, dogs will go outdoors for fun anyway but when the temperature dips a certain amount, some will hate being outside and they will be looking for the door back to the house fairly quickly if in the yard.

A Solution Is An Indoor Dog Toilet

A great solution is to train such dogs who hate cold weather to use an indoor dog toilet such as a litter box.  My two dogs are completely house trained to use such a device and my previous dogs before them also used an indoor dog toilet.

Canines who are already house trained outdoors can be taught to also utilize an indoor system if you are willing to take the time to go through the proper training progression.  Of course this progression is even faster to learn for puppies just starting out with their house training which is what my dogs did.

Indoor Dog House Training

The pet industry has come out with numerous products to help you get set up at home either in a house or a high rise apartment building with an indoor dog toilet system for your four legged friend.  Litter boxes or litter pans are the most common items that serve as the main station for this type of system.

As for the indoor dog house training system, check out my webpage that I have specifically created to provide such information, especially for new dog owners.

If your dog hates cold weather and knew about indoor dog toilets, he or she would probably demand that one be installed immediately much like the cutie below!

dog toilet indoor dog house training litter box

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