How To Trim Dog Nails An Easy Way

How To Trim Dog Nails

I’m always amazed by how many dog owners avoid trimming their dog’s nails and rather pay a groomer or vet instead to do that task for them.  In fact, many dog owners I’ve talked to, even within our own small dogs outings Meetup group, even fear clipping dog nails.

Although I have caused a bit of bleeding when trimming dog nails beforein the past, I’ve since learned how to do it safely without hurting my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie with no more bleeding incidents.  Initially this job was a challenge especially with my boy Chester since most of his dog nails are black and therefore the quick where the blood vessel is within each nail cannot be seen.  But now it’s a breeze without any problems and takes just minutes to do.

Video On Clipping Dog Nails

So I thought it was time to shoot a new video on how to trim dog nails which takes just minutes at home.  In this video, I show a cross sectional diagram of a dog nail and where clipping should be done.  Then I show the viewers the position I like to use these days to trim dog nails with both my Lhasa Apsos and I in very comfortable positions during this grooming task.

You will actually see me clipping dog nails with Chester and how he fully cooperates since he now knows that I won’t hurt him (plus he knows that he earns a treat each time for any grooming task we do!).  His sister Roxie (shown in the introduction and ending of the video) also cooperates in the same way although we don’t show any nail trimming with her on this video.

Here is the short video

As mentioned in the video, it’s a good idea to trim dog nails on a frequent basis to allow the quick to recede.  It’s also good to walk your dog on hard surfaces on a regular basis since surfaces like concrete will help grind down the dog nails too.

One thing I did not mention in the video is to check whether your dog has dew claws.  These are single extra dog nails that might protrude from the back of the paw.  Some dogs have them while some do not.  Many breeders have dew claws removed while the puppies are young and this was the case for Chester and Roxie since these additional dog nails seem to serve no function.  My previous Lhasa Apsos Pepper and Max did have them so I had to remember to trim their dew claws as well.

Of course in order to have your dog cooperate with you for clipping nails and any other grooming task, it’s important that there is at least a basic level of obedience developed.  This is where our free basic dog obedience training video will be helpful.  To access it, just use the box below to request it.


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