Eating With How To Toilet Train A Dog

How To Toilet Train A Dog

Which ever method new puppy owners choose how to toilet train a dog whether outdoors or indoors with a dog litterbox like my two Lhasa Apsos are, I would suggest that the spot on where your new puppies eat should be relatively close to where you can take them for elimination.

This is why I recommend for those who do use an indoor dog litterbox to have puppies eat their meals inside a puppy room rather than say the kitchen.  This way, as soon as the puppy finishes eating, it can be taken straight to the dog litterbox which should be at the other end of the puppy room (but not right beside the eating area).

Easiest Way On How To Toilet Train A Dog

If training for outdoors, then the puppy’s eating area should be close to the access area or door to the outdoor location right outside the house.  Making it easy for access whether indoors or outdoors will teach how to toilet train a dog much faster since it’s direct right after meals.

Speaking of meals, I found a really cute video of three Shih Tzus I think, and the clip shows how they eat.  It’s pretty funny but also shows how well behaved these dogs are as they don’t start eating until their owner lets them.

But the thing I found really funny was how slow these three dogs eat.  My two Lhasa Apsos wolf down their meals while these three take their time.  Even more hilarious is how the two on the right prefer to lie down while eating.  Here is the video for your enjoyment.

Learn How To Toilet Train A Dog Indoors

You can learn more about how to toilet train a dog indoors with a puppy litterbox at my website.  For just basic dog obedience training, see my free video access at the top left of this blog.

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