How To Position Your Dog For Grooming Legs And Belly

Long haired dogs like lhasa apsos are notorious for developing hair mats and tangles around the legs and belly area. So regular maintenance is a must with these dogs. Here’s a short video I made to show how to position your dog for grooming legs and belly in the most comfortable way.

Since I’ve used my girl Roxie for the last few videos, I’m giving my boy Chester some more airtime. Enjoy the clip.

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  • Carol L.

    Clint I love your videos of Chester and Roxie. Do you think you could make a video of giving the dogs a cut using electric shears you speak of? I have a lhasa and a poodle adult rescues and I am not confident about using my electric shears.

  • I was thinking of doing a future video with the electric shears – stay tuned!

  • Jen

    Thank you. Jen