How Long To House Train A Puppy

How Long To House Train A Puppy

The question about how long to house train a puppy always comes up with new dog owners and as I’m in the editing process for my new video program based on my book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘, I did mention that both of my Lhasa Apso dogs were pretty well house trained (with a litter box) within about three weeks.

In some cases, it might have been even in less time since in my case, both puppies did not have an adult dog to watch.  If I recall correctly, even though it was many years ago, my second dog Max had the luxury of watching my first dog Pepper, who was already indoor trained and an adult at six years of age when I first got Max.  I was so surprised how fast Max learned just by watching Pepper.  I think it was less than two weeks which was even faster than my present two Lhasa Apsos.

House Train A Puppy Takes Consistency

Having said this, most professional dog trainers say that despite quick house training, puppies may still have the odd accident even several months down the road.  And this was the case with my dogs even though within a few weeks, they got say 90% of the house training down.

If they are in a new room or something different excites them, they could have the odd mistake but in general when it comes to how long to house train a puppy, with consistent training, the bulk of it can come within the few weeks.

So in my experience, it certainly does help with having an already house trained adult dog for a puppy to learn after.  But in any case, regular consistent training will go a long way to speeding up the process.

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how long to house train a puppy
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