How I Ended Up House Training Dogs Indoors

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Many people wonder how I ended up house training dogs indoors.  In fact, I have always house trained all my dogs this way and have been quite success at this.  It all started way back in 1979 when I got me first Lhasa Apso dog Pepper.

Here’s a short video where I talk about the history of my progression on how I did this and what I’m doing with my present dogs Chester and Roxie today.

I shot a few more short videos to promote the awareness of house training dogs indoors since many dog owners still do not realize that this is a feasible option for their pets.

I’m so glad that I did this with my dogs, especially with the cold brutal winters up here in Canada.  But of course there are some other real benefits as well in dog house training indoors.  The pet industry has made things easier now with commercial dog litter and dog litter boxes.

More information is at my website for Dog House Training Indoors.  I’ve got a neat video clip there showing my two dogs using their litter box as well in case you have never seen such a thing.

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  • Claire Nolanadams

    very helpful for me, as i am getting ready to own an older dog soon, & the advice is really helpful. It makes me feel better to think i can train my dog to be toilet trained in the home, i have been worried about it & you Clint have made me feel better about the
    situation. Many Thanks.

  • You are welcome Claire. Lots more info at the PottyTrainPuppyDog website

  • sujata nair

    i have a cocker spaniel he is 4 months his name is SHERA he is still not toilet trained the advice given by you for indoor toilet trainning is very i can train my dog at home .Thankyou very much Clint.