How Do You Give Your Dog A Bath?

Dog Bath

The other day when my two dogs and I were out in the back with one of our neighbours and his dog, my neighbour said that it was time to give his Maltese a much needed bath.  The whole chore of giving your dog a bath can be considered easy or difficult to many dog owners.  I’ve seen many ways on how dog owners accomplish this.

My neighbour has an upright sink in his garage and he like to use that sink as the dog bath.  He thinks it is the perfect size for his little Maltese dog.  I remember at one of our larger neighbourhood leash free dog parks in town, there is a dog wash station complete with a hose.  I’ve actually seen a young couple use it with their big dog as one was doing the scrubbing with pet shampoo while the other was using the hose.  Their dog seemed be cooperate quite nicely.

On the subject of pet shampoo, it’s very important to use one that’s designed specifically for pets.  Their hair and skin is different from ours and human shampoo can irritate them.  This is especially true for their eyes as well.  You don’t want to use anything that will sting their eyes so pet shampoos are much better for this.

Some dog owners actually don’t bother with dog baths themselves and bring their pets to the groomers.  This gets a bit expensive though.  Some groomers have set up mobile grooming services where they have all their equipment in a van and will come to your house.  You simply bring your dog outside to their van and they do all the rest.

Easy Method For Dog Baths

For me, I think I have the easiest and most hassle free system for dog baths.  I use to use a regular bathtub for my previous two lhasa apsos and it was really messy because they often tried to jump out of the tub which got the bathroom floors really wet.  Then when I moved into another house with a shower stall, this problem was eliminated.  If I went into the shower stall with them and closed the door, there was no way they could ‘escape’.  I just had to make sure that I was going to take a shower as well.

With my new lhasa apso dogs, I trained them very young as puppies from the very beginning to use the shower stall.  Now, they both willingly go into the shower stall with me when it’s bath time.  Giving my dogs a bath is much like washing my own hair.  No worries about  dogs escaping and the bathroom floors do not get too overly wet as I do cover it with towels before hand.

The process I have as far as the dog bath is concerned is really quite easy now that my dogs are so use to the shower stall.  And after their ‘showers’, they are also very cooperative with the hair dryers too, another device that I recommend puppies get used to while still young.  So how do you give your own dog a bath?  Feel free to share your routines in the comments section below.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Sean Loyless

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