Housebreaking Dogs Method Surprises Fellow Skier

Different Way Of Housebreaking Dogs

Here’s yet another incident where my method of housebreaking dogs comes at a surprise with others.  I went on a ski trip yesterday and gave a ride to a fellow skier.  We actually met for the very first time through a ski meetup group up here in the Toronto area.  During our drive up to the ski slopes, somehow our conversation got to the topic of dogs.  It turns out that she use to have a lhasa apso which is the breed of my dogs.

Housebreaking Dogs Method Allows Lifestyle

I asked her if she still has dogs at home and she said no.  She claimed that she doesn’t have the lifestyle required for dogs anymore.  I asked what she meant by this and she told me that dogs can’t be left alone for say twelve hours at home at a time.  I told her that whenever we go skiing, this is exactly the case as I’m gone from home for up to twelve hours and my dogs are just fine at home.

She was quite surprised to hear this.  I then told her that first of all, I have two dogs rather than one so they keep each other company.  Secondly, both of my lhasa apsos are totally trained to use a dog litter box indoors whenever they want.  This has always been my preferred method for housebreaking dogs.  She was totally surprised by this second fact.

My method of housebreaking dogs therefore allows me to enjoy the lifestyle I want which includes spending a few days each week on the ski slopes.  It turns out that my ski slope is a two hour drive away which means a four hour round trip.  With several hours spent at the ski resort, this easily adds up to twelve hour days away from home but again, this is no problem with regards to my two dogs.

For more details on how you can also enjoy this type of freedom with respect to your dog, see my information webpage on housebreaking dogs with a dog litter box.  There is also a general dog training video that is accessible for free there.

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