Housebreaking Dogs For Neighbour

Housebreaking Dogs

Housebreaking dogs for my neighbour with the little Maltese was different compared to my two Lhasa Apsos.  In his case, he traditionally housetrained his Maltese and as a result, he must take his dog outside no matter how cold it is.  This was the case yesterday when we suddenly hit a cold spell after an overnight snow storm.

We saw my neighbour with his Maltese out in the backyard area so we decided to go out and join him since my two dogs like to play with his dog.  They are all good friends so any chance to give them some social time, we often accommodate them.  Quite often, both the Maltese and my two dogs spend time looking out the window to the backyard area to see if their friends are around.

Now since the housebreaking dogs method that my neighbour went through with his Maltese, they have to go out even during the days when my two dogs stay indoors all day.  This is of course due to the special housebreaking dogs method that we used which involves an indoor dog litter box at home.  My two dogs just use that whenever they need to.

When we were all outside yesterday for playtime, the Maltese already had a coat on but was still shivering due to the lower temperature.  My Lhasa Apsos on the other hand, did not shiver.  They don’t get as cold as easily as other dogs since they have a double natural coat.  But it was funny watching the Maltese.  He was shivering but didn’t want to go inside yet as he still wanted to play outside with my two dogs.  Just like kids as they want to remain with their friends no matter how cold it is outside.

For more information on housebreaking dogs indoors with a dog litter box, see my potty training dogs information webpage.  Don’t forget to get my free basic dog obedience training video as well – details on this are at the sidebar of this blog.

housebreaking dogs maltese lhasa apsos
Creative Commons License photo credit: apanoply

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