Housebreak A Dog Training Video Program Added For Clickbank Affiliates

Housebreak Dog Training Video

My new housebreak a dog training video program which is the video version of my book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘ was recently launched and I have great news for Clickbank affiliates.

This new video program is an online video learning one and is therefore a digital product.  It was added as a Clickbank product along with my ebook.   Therefore, all Clickbank affiliates who promote pet products will get commissions on sales of this video program in addition to the ebook.

This is a 2 hour online video learning program and has a ton of information to help new dog owners to learn through this housebreak a dog training resource.  They also get the ebook included as a reference as well so it’s considered a deluxe package.

Being a deluxe package, it is priced a bit higher than the ebook alone so this translates to higher commissions for Clickbank affiliates.

Clickbank Affiliates Can Promote All Of My Digital Products

Being a Clickbank affiliate is a good way to monetize your website, blog or even just emails.  This video program is technically my 6th digital product I have available on Clickbank so as affiliates, you can actually promote all six of my digital products if you want.

Update: note that this dog training title has since been moved to its own Clickbank hoplink while my other titles remain on a separate hoplink.

Signing up as a Clickbank affiliate is free and all details on how to do this as well as further information on how to set up for my digital products to promote are at my Affiliates Info page at my dog website.

Clickbank affiliates who are also potential dog owners can easily earn back the cost of this video program through referrals of this product.

If there’s anything that I can do to help you as a Clickbank affiliate, just contact me.

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  • Pollari8

    I’m an owner of a small male dog, a stray that we found, took to the shelter and after no-one came forward for him, adopted. The shelter estimated that he is approximately 1-2 years old, possibly a Yorkie and fox terrier mix. We love the dog to death – he is a wonderful, playful and gentle companion for my 6-year old daughter. We only have one problem with him – he keeps “marking” in the house! We take him out all the time, for long walks and for quick bathroom breaks during the day. He goes outside just fine, but, regardless of relieving himself outside he sprays inside as well. A good example is this morning…I took him outside, he peed there, and almost as soon as we came back inside he sprayed on my bookshelf – staining the wooden bookshelf and the carpet. My wooden bookshelf is now completely destroyed…with stains in the wood from the urine that won’t come off. I’m sick and tired of cleaning the spots and living in my dog’s bathroom. His behavior clearly has nothing to do with him having to urinate – it has everything to do with his need to mark his area. How can I get him to stop? I have had dogs all my life, but I always have had female dogs – I did not want this problem training a male dog. Benji was “fixed” before he moved to live with us permanently. This took care of his other problem, which was everlasting need to “hump” my daughter’s stuffed animals. He kept staring at them, trying to get to them, and crying and acting like he was in love with the teddy bears….but this stopped after he was fixed. He is a great dog, and we want to keep him – but we need help and advise on how to get this marking stopped. Nothing helps. Five minutes after we take him outside to relieve himself he is spraying inside the house. We usually put him on the balcony when we leave the house, or after he sprays – but he has no need to spray there. He only sprays around furniture and spoils the furniture as well as the carpet! HELP! GIVE US ADVISE!

  • First of all, you have to get the best cleaners to remove all traces of urine in your house. Then as a general rule, if your dog is not fully housetrained, whether indoors with a litterbox or outdoors, you have to restrict where he can go while inside the house. I think he has been granted way too much freedom inside your house before he has earned that right. I would start from the beginning as if he’s a puppy and this includes the use of a crate as well. If it’s indoor litterbox training (in addition to outdoors) that you are considering, then you should check out my link up top on this topic. If it’s strictly outdoors that you want to train him on, then see the articles section link for the advanced training resources by others.