High Winds Make House Training A Dog Indoors Worthwhile

House Training A Dog Indoors

The winds were howling like crazy even as I lay in bed this morning which confirmed to me that house training a dog indoors is very worthwhile.  When I got up to look outside the windows, I can see the trees and bushes swaying like crazy and the garbage cans and lids being blown down the laneways.  This is one morning that not too many dog owners are going to enjoy.

My own two Lhasa Apso dogs, much like their neighbour Maltese friends, hates being blown around by high winds.  They hate it as much as getting wet by pouring rain as you can see in the video about bad weather dog walks.

Indoor Litter Box For Dogs

Fortunately for us, my two Lhasa Apsos use an indoor litter box for dogs and that’s exactly what they did first thing this morning.  I let them out on the deck balcony just to see if they wanted to see what’s going on outside.  As soon as they went out, they were being blown around.  My girl Roxie came right back in and her brother Chester also came back in soon after.  There’s no way any of us wanted to go on any walk out there.

I saw the school children outside and they were being blown around too as well as the odd dog walker with his pet out there who obviously didn’t go through house training a dog indoors.  I’m not sure if all dogs like being out there in high winds or not but I know that mine don’t nor do I.  People can call us wimps but that’s okay as we’ll stay inside and my two will just use the litter box for dogs.  We will go out later for fun when the winds have died down.

House training a dog indoors is indeed possible and a good idea.  When a dog is trained this way, it can do both, go outside or stay indoors as desired.  To see a video of my two pooches using their litter box for dogs, see the homepage of my dog website.

house training a dog litter box for dogs
Creative Commons License photo credit: anieto2k

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