Hot Countries Interested In Indoor Puppy Housebreaking Too

Indoor Puppy Housebreaking

I just got a new reader of my book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’ from Abudhabi in the Arab Emerites.  This is interesting because originally I thought that the main locations for dog owners who would be really keen on indoor puppy housebreaking would be the areas with cold climates such as Canada and the northern parts of the US.  But it appears that this type of dog training would be applicable for the opposite climates as well

Perhaps it gets so hot in some of the regions like the middle East where there are desert landscapes, it might not be practical or comfortable to take dogs outside too.  These may be cases where both the dog owners and their dogs would prefer to be indoors where there is nice air conditioning.

I never actually thought of this possibility before but it now makes a lot of sense. After all, I personally hate going outdoors during the intense summer heat as well.  During the summers, especially during the several days of real heat spells where the city of Toronto actually puts out heat alert warnings, I along with my dogs, tend to stay indoors too.

Fortunately, my book is in a digital ebook form which is immediately accessible anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection.  So dog owners from other parts of this dog loving globe can certainly learn the right puppy housebreaking training progression that I set out in my book.

Substitute For Commercial Dog Litter

If you are such a dog owner who is interested in indoor puppy housebreaking but live in a country where there might not be any commercial dog litter available, just substitute for non-clumping cat litter like Yesterday’s News by Purina or use wood shavings or other natural materials that you can put in a litter box.  It will work just as well.

For a basic dog training video, just go to my dog website and for specific information on puppy housebreaking, see my potty training dogs webpage.

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