Hope New Neighbours Like Housebroken Dogs

#dogs #dog —  My dog hating neighbours moved out about a week ago and this weekend, looks like the new neighbours are starting to move in next door.  I certainly hope that these new folks like dogs or at least they don’t mind them.  Because if they don’t or they don’t know about the ten housebroken dogs we have here at our condo townhouse complex, then they are in for a real surprise!

About 14 condo units here share a common backyard area.  There’s about six of the ten dogs living here who go out in the back on a regular basis to play and of course to do their housebroken duties.  Of course, the owners all pick up after their dogs as well so there should be no issues around this.

The dogs can get a bit excited especially when they are playing together.  This is much like a mini dog park we have here at home and the dog owners among us are very proud of our back areas for our pets.

I hope the new neighbours’ real estate agent told them about the dogs here since I would consider this fact as an important disclosure item.  In case they don’t like dogs, then they are either going to start tolerating them in the back or start packing again.

One thing that us dog owners here do very well especially during the summers is that if the non-dog people are relaxing out back, we generally don’t come out with our dogs until the area is clear.  We understand that the back area is for everyone’s enjoyment, dog owners and non-dog owners alike.

So we generally come out with our dogs only when the non-dog owners have gone inside and all the dogs tend to come out at the same time which is good for them as far as dog socialization goes.

For lots of dog training information, see my website created for this, especially in regards to dog litter box training.  My two are housebroken dogs who were trained with litter boxes.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: La Citta Vita

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