Hope Crate Training Puppies Crosses Over Into Dog Dreams

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Crate Training Puppies In Dog Dreams

I hope crate training puppies crosses over into dog dreams.  Both of my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie, both now six years old, use a litter box at home and crate training was part of their overall progression as described in my book, “Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor House Training For Dogs“.

If you have a dog, I’m sure that you have heard him or her dream before.  This is often observed when your dog is sleeping and makes some cute little yelps (although I’m not sure if these are actually nightmares).  Both of my dogs have them occasionally.

But the other night, my boy Chester had a different type of dream.  He was sleeping in his crate (with the door always open).  We have two crates in my bedroom and both dogs sleep in their individual ones although it’s usually first come, first serve in terms of which actual crate each one sleeps in for the night.  They tend to switch crates on different nights.

Different Type Of Dog Dream

Anyway, this particular night when everyone is already in bed, including myself, I noticed that Chester was having a different type of dream that didn’t involve any little yelping.  Instead, it was a prolonged dream where he kept moving his legs,  I could hear his leg brushing against the side of his crate and this went on for quite some time.

He was probably having a dog dream where he was definitely in motion in some way.  Maybe dreaming about a dog walk or playing with a ball or something.  It was kind of funny listening to him do that.

I just hoped that he didn’t get too excited during his dog dream that he forgets his skills when I was crate training puppies during the early years.  I wouldn’t want him to wet his bed in his crate during his dream.

I didn’t bother getting up since I was half asleep and it was very late anyway.  But it didn’t appear that any bed was soiled due to a bad dream so looks like my efforts in crate training puppies did cross over into their dog dreams.

If only we got a vision on what our dogs actually dream about.  Wouldn’t that be entertaining?

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