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Christmas Puppies As Holiday Season Gifts

I’ve noticed a large spike in sales of both my book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor Housetraining For Dogs‘  and its video program version during this month of December.  While I’m pleased with the sales and increase in readership, I also have some concerns about holiday season gift giving of Christmas puppies especially when the kids are just begging for them.

I have no problems with Christmas puppies finding good homes during the holiday season if everything is done right.  Families and their new dogs will benefit greatly for many years to come.

Where there are problems is when families get dogs during the holiday season without really doing their research on the realities of dog ownership in advance.  In such cases, parents give into their kids wishes for a Christmas puppy but when that bundle of joy arrives, everyone soon realizes that the little dog is not like some stuffed toy.  Instead, the little doggie poops and pees everywhere as well as chews up all the rest of the Christmas presents.

The kids soon break their promises to care for the puppy and of course, the parents end up taking on the major responsibilities for the pet.  Without really knowing how to train the new puppy, things just get worse and worse each week until the family realizes that they have no control of the dog.

Holiday Season Dogs Given Up

The end result is that many holiday season dogs are given up by the families and end up in the animal shelters.  Of course, our animal shelters are already at full capacities and unwanted animals will eventually be euthanized.  So much for the holiday season bundles of joy.

This is of course, a serious disaster because the families did not prepare in advance for dog ownership.  They failed to take the proper responsibilities involved and took no efforts to get trained themselves on how to train a new puppy, who is completely innocent.

Education For Christmas Puppies Arrivals

I applaud those who are taking efforts to get the right education for Christmas puppies arrivals this holiday season.  Many of my new readers are actually getting my book and videos program in advance of the arrival of their new pet.  These folks are doing the right thing to properly get prepared for their new addition to the family.

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy because of the urging of your kids, don’t give into them so easily yet.  Make sure that everyone, including the kids, will be fully committed to learning what is required for successful dog ownership.

Study my free dog obedience training video available through the info area at the top left of this blog page as one of the resources to help you become educated.

If you are thinking of giving somebody else a new holiday season dog, think first whether the intended recipient will be a responsible dog owner or not.

So please, let’s prevent any further Christmas puppies disasters.  We must not let our human ignorance and irresponsibilities result in holiday season dogs ending up at the animal shelters.

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  • Doggiegoddess

    I totally agree with Clint that puppies should not be Christmas gifts. An alternative plan is to give a toy replica of a puppy along with a certificate stating the the puppy will be arriving after the holidays. Also give gifts for the new puppy like a bed, a crate, food and water bowls, etc.