Highlights From The Dog Show In Toronto

The Dog Show Highlights

Here are some great video highlights from the dog show portion of the All About Pets Show in Toronto this past weekend.  Not only were there some great exhibitors with their dog breeds, pet supplies and more, we also saw an awesome competition in dock jumping.  This is actually the first time ever that I saw dock jumping.

This sport involves dogs jumping as far as they can to catch a float suspended in the air and landing in a pool of water.  The dogs who were competing in this event obviously were having a lot of fun doing it as they couldn’t wait to keep jumping over and over again.  A separate video was created with the dock dogs jumping.

All About Pets Show

Of course, the All About Pets Show in Toronto was more than just about dogs even though they took up the vast majority of the weekend long event.  There were also reptiles, cats, birds, fish and even a miniture horse.

I was’t planning to bring my camcorder to this dog show but just the evening before, I made a decision to do so just in case if I end up getting some good video footage.  I’m certainly glad I did because I ended up getting great video (but not so good still photos).

Motivational Video Show

In fact, I got enough good video footage that I decided to turn it into an official episode of my Motivational WebTV show which is a personal development video series that I produce.  So the resulting episode will be featured here in this dog blog as well as at my personal development blog.  If you are interested, my other past episodes of this series is at my Motivational WebTV videos archive.

Here is the video;

Hope you enjoy it and if you know of others who would also like to see these dog show highlights, please share it with them via the social media buttons below.  Also feel free to comment below.

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