Help For New Puppy Owners

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Help for New Puppy Owners

So I got this email from a lady who was clearly distressed.  She just got a new Shih Tzu puppy in her apartment and does not know anything about training her new pet.  The puppy is urinating all over the apartment and follows her wherever she goes.

If she leaves the puppy, the puppy starts crying.  And when she’s with the puppy, her fingers are getting nibbled on.

This might all sound funny but unfortunately it is also too common a case out there.  This can lead to the owner in deep frustration which in turn often leads to giving up the poor little puppy.

My Suggestions For The New Puppy Owner

So here’s what my suggestions were for the new puppy owner.

1) Start training the puppy with drills as shown in my free dog training video (see top side of this blog for details)

2) Find a puppy kindergarten class in the local area through dog training academies and vets – enrol immediately.

3) For potty training, go to my Potty Training Dogs webpage.

Hopefully, this new puppy owner will act quickly since the situation can still be saved – there is hope but only if she takes the right steps. I hope there will be a success story rather than a case where another innocent puppy is abandoned because the new owner didn’t get properly educated in dog training before bringing in a new puppy.

Remember, puppies are infants.  They don’t know much and are innocent.  You as the puppy owner, must take responsibility to get properly trained yourself before being able to train a puppy.

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