Heartworm Testing This Month For My Dogs

#dogs #dog #doghealth —- Looks like it’s that time of the year again up here in Ontario, Canada when the vet clinics send out reminders to get heartworm testing for our dogs. As many of you know, this is a simply blood test to determine whether our dogs are currently infected with heartworm or not. If they are, they have to be treated before they go on their heartworm preventative medication for the season.

I’ll be taking my two dogs into the vet clinic this week to get their blood tests done. Of course, I never like to subject them to this but it’s one of the things that must be done to ensure optimum health for them. Fortunately, they both take to blood tests rather well which makes it easy for the vet technicians.

I’ll be asking for a written prescription for the heartworm preventative medications my dogs have been using ever since they were puppies which in our case is Sentinel. I choose to get my heartworm meds through my usual online pet pharmacy since their price for Sentinel is about 30% cheaper than what my vet clinic charges. And since I have two dogs to get enough heartworm meds for, my vet clinic totally understands this and are always willing to give me the written prescription which I need in order to get the pet meds online.

If you haven’t utilized an online pet pharmacy before and thinking about this option, check out my review of the benefits based on my own personal experience with online internet pet pharmacies.

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