Heartworm Prevention Medication Day For Our Dogs

#dogs #dog #doghealth  — It’s October 1, another heartworm prevention medication day for our dogs if you live in a heartworm territory.  Did you remember to give your dog a heartworm prevention tab today?

I have a reminder on my iCal calendar at the beginning of each month for the entire season from June through to November.  Otherwise, I’m not going to remember to give my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie their dose of Sentinel, which is the brand of heartworm prevention medication they have been on since puppyhood.

We were in the woods yesterday and even though the temperature is cooler now, I still saw a mosquitoe there.  This implies that the heartworm prevention medication is still a good idea at this time of year in this territory.

We still have one more dose in November but I don’t know if that dose is worth it so late in the season.  In any case, we have been enjoying the lower costs of using our online pet pharmacy for ordering our annual supply of Sentinel heartworm prevention medication.  We will most certainly do this again next year.

So again, if your dog is on heartworm prevention medication, don’t forget that this is probably the day of the month that you are suppose to give your pet the next dose.

On another note, my upcoming book on potty training your dog with a litterbox is coming along quite well. Most of the text is written and I hope to shoot a series of photos to be included in the book over the next couple of days.  In the meantime, a neat short video of my dogs using their litterbox is on my main dog training website.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: emma.kate

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