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Online Pet Pharmacies

The online pet pharmacies will get our business again.  We just got reminders in the mail from our vet clinic about the annual heartworm tests again.  I just booked an appointment to take both of my dogs Chester and Roxie into the vet to get their blood samples.  Unfortunately, we do live in a heartworm region and have to do this test annually about this time of year.  My dogs do go out in wooded trails a lot and we go out to the local dog park about once per week.

Our heartworm season to put our dogs on preventative heartworm medications that also controls fleas as well, starts on June 1 of each year.  My dogs will get a monthly dose of Sentinel, which is our brand, at the beginning of each month through to November.

Better Prices At Online Pet Pharmacies

Heartworm medications are not cheap and if dog owners have to get enough for multiple dogs like I do, it’s definitely worthwhile to go through an online pet pharmacy rather than getting the meds directly from the vet clinic.  Ethical vet clinics totally understand this are should be willing to write a prescription for heartworm medications as this will be required in order to fill prescriptions at an online pet pharmacy.

I save an estimated 30% even with shipping included in the price of my heartworm medications when going through online pet pharmacies.  You may want to compare some prices as well.  See my article and video about Online Pet Pharmacies for more details.

Keep in mind that if using online pet pharmacies, factor in some shipping time.  Since I want to give my dogs their first dose on June 1, we will be ordering their heartworm medications from the online pet pharmacy we use this week so that our supply will arrive in time.

Housebreak A Puppy With Dog Litterbox

By the way, my new video program on how to housebreak a puppy with a dog litterbox is completed and it will be available in a few days.  Stay tuned for more announcements.  The book is already out at our Potty Training Dog webpage.

For a free video on basic dog training, see the details at the top left sidebar of this blog.

By the way, I just joined some dog forums including dogforum.com

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