Happy New Year From My Dogs And I

2010 Year End Motivational Video Recap

We are near the end of 2010 and the final episode of my Motivational WebTV series for the year came out.  I can’t believe that there have been 30 past episodes already as it’s like only yesterday when I first started shooting them.  It’s been a lot of fun so far.

If you have not seen my motivational video series, there are now regular viewers from over 30 different countries from around the world now.   I offer you an entertaining year end recap in this final episode of the year showing glimpses of some of the more interesting scenes from the past episodes.  Everything from martial arts, scuba diving with dolphins, cultural festivals, food, skiing and my travels to Cuba and California are captured here.

Seasons Greetings From Me And My Dogs

Of course, I also extend my Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all of you no matter what you happen to celebrate during this holiday season.  I made sure that both of my lhasa apso dogs were with me during this last part of this motivational video.  They were so good that they almost looked like stuffed animals until the very end when I allowed them to move off the sofa.

Here is the year end motivational video recap for your entertainment pleasure;

If you have not seen Motivational WebTV, all past episodes are at my motivational tv archive.  My lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie have guest starred in several of these episodes.

Have a wonderful holiday season, be safe out there (don’t drink and drive) and we’ll see you after the New Year.  I plan to shoot more dog training related videos as well so stay tuned.

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