Half Day With Cherry Eye

#dog #dogs #doghealth #pethealth — Well, looks like when I woke up yesterday morning, my boy Chester had Cherry eye again in the same eye as before.  My original post with a photo I took showing him with his Cherry eye condition is still there if you haven’t seen Cherry eye before.

I still had eye ointment left over from the last time.  I gave him a dosage that very morning.  By lunchtime, the Cherry eye was still there so I applied another application after lunch.  After some work at home, we took a nap in the afternoon and when we woke up about 4 pm, Chester’s Cherry eye had regressed fully.

So the eye ointment once again was quite effective which suggests that maybe my dog’s Cherry eye was a result of some allergic reaction to who knows what?  The eye ointment has an anti-inflammatory agent that probably shrunk the Cherry eye enough for it to regress back under the eye lid.

I will probably expect these Cherry eye incidents to occur again with Chester so I should probably get a supply of that eye ointment on hand at home.

The vet is puzzled by Chester’s case because he doesn’t know what is setting off the Cherry eye on my dog.  He said that Cherry eye usually occurs more in younger dogs (my Chester is five years old).  And he adds that in most cases, Cherry eye does not regress as it tends to stay out which in turn requires surgery to correct it.

Well, as long as we have an effective treatment in the form of the eye ointment, than we can at least avert eye surgery indefinitely for Chester’s weird bouts of Cherry eye.

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  • Telma

    How’s your dog doing now? Did it come back again?

  • It did come back about two weeks ago and with the ointment, it regressed again. However, we are presently in day five or six of yet another occurrence even with ointment. So it looks like we are going to have to do another trip to the vet to see if there’s a stronger ointment or possible surgery unfortunately.