Glad For Dog Litter Box Training On Heavy Rain Day

#dogs #dog #dogtraining #puppy —  It’s raining fairly heavy in the southern Ontario area this week and I’m glad that both of my dogs have been through dog litter box training.  Instead of either of them (or me) getting wet from having to go outside to eliminate, everyone can stay indoors where it’s nice and dry.

Many dog owners don’t even think about such an option often dismissing it since most canines out there do go outside as prescribed in traditional housebreaking.  However, when the heavy rain like this comes up all of a sudden, taking our dogs outside so they can do their business becomes a real hassle and annoyance.

I bet the dogs themselves don’t like it much either.  After all, who wants to get pelted by heavy rain?  Most wild animals are taking shelter too.  Even if it’s a quick rush outside to the backyard with the dog owners actually staying in the house, the dogs are getting wet.

What about those living in apartment highrise buildings?  In these cases, both the dogs and their owners will get soaked out there.  This would be no fun at all.

Fortunately, the indoor method of dog litter box training is possible, especially for dogs of small to medium size breeds.  All of my dogs have been lhasa apsos and were totally house broken inside in a designated place.

So heavy rain outside wasn’t an issue for us as my dogs simply went to their indoor washroom set aside for them.  They went whenever they wanted 24/7.  I just have to replace soiled dog litter and such.

If you want to explore this option of dog litter training for your pet as well, check out the website I created specifically for this purpose.  Actually, there’s more at this website too since I offer a free basic dog obedience training video that everyone can access.  Just go to for much more information.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: lilli2de

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