Get Your Dog Socialized!

#dogs #dog training  It always amazes me how some new (and some not so new) dog owners fail to get their dogs properly socialized.  Another neighbour of mine has a new puppy a few months old and accidentally let her loose in the back when my two dogs were playing with two other of their doggie friends.  With a new puppy coming into the scene (and barking at the dog group), it’s only natural that the four dog friends will run over and check out the newcomer.

Of course, the puppy got scared with the mob converging on her since she’s never been around other dogs since coming to this owner.  The owner freaked out and immediately carried the puppy inside while yelling at our dogs.

This sort of thing has happened with some of the other dogs in the neighbourhood who are also not socialized.  What usually happens is the owner withdraws their dogs even more from other dogs.  What they should be doing is actively socializing their dogs properly under supervision in a training class.  But most of the time, they just shelter their dogs even more so as their dogs get older, they remain scared of other dogs when they should be enjoying the company of others since they are naturally pack animals.  Again, this is the fault of ignorant dog owners.  Their dogs will never enjoy what it’s like to really be a dog as shown in the video about dogs playing.  Socialization is part of dog training.

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