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Puppy Dog Training In Advance

I was corresponding to one of my visitors to my puppy housetraining website and she told me that she has been reviewing my basic puppy dog training video a few times and reading my articles on the website in advance of her new puppy arriving home.  This is a great strategy.  It is best to get educated well before you even get a new puppy.

When you have at least some education in advance, you won’t be in for total surprises when your new four legged friend comes home.  You also won’t have to keep on catching up on what do to in case of certain things happening with your future pet.  You will already know what to expect and what to do.

Free Puppy Dog Training Video

The puppy dog training video that this reader was referring to is my main video which I put together demonstrating how to train your dog some of the most important commands your pet should be taught.  This video by the way is totally free of charge.  You just have to sign up for access since it was too long a video to be put on YouTube and a link has to be emailed to you to view it.

My own two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie are the real stars of this video as they demonstrate effective training sessions and what the end results should look like.  I do enough commentary to explain what I’m doing as well as how to train your puppy the various commands.

Also Puppy Litter Training

In addition to this basic puppy dog training video, I also offer an extremely effective method of puppy litter training indoors.  This is the same method that all of my own dogs were trained on.

To access information on both the basic puppy dog training as well as the puppy litter training, just start at my dog website.  It is highly recommended that you should access this information well in advance of getting a puppy too.

Studying for Fed Tax Together
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