Gentle Leader Great For Our Small Dog Training

small dog training gentle leader pulling on leash

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Small Dog Training Continues

I usually put my two Lhasa Apso dogs a few drills each day as part of their ongoing lifelong small dog training just to keep sharp.  About three weeks ago, Chester’s Gentle Leader broke from wear and tear after several years of use.  So I decided to get another one through Ebay.

We spent the last three weeks with just a normal collar for Chester and I thought that I would try his sister on a normal one too for their walks.  Well, both of them started to pull on their leashes again just like their pre-Gentle Leader days.

I remember our dog trainer Sue who advised us on Gentle Leaders and these head collars worked like magic almost immediately.  Bother Chester and Roxie stopped pulling on their leashes and I was so impressed, I even shot a video about the use of the Gentle Leader to stop dogs pulling on the leash.

Sue also told me that in time if I wanted to, I could wean both Chester and Roxie off their Gentle Leaders but I don’t necessarily have to.  I chose to keep them on their Gentle Leaders for no particular reason except maybe that they became faster to put on compared to a standard collar.

Small Dog Training Can Include Head Collars

So these head collars can be part of ongoing small dog training after all and in our case, they probably will be.  Since both Roxie and Chester were not walking very nicely without their Gentle Leaders, I decided to put one back on Roxie since her’s was still in good condition.

Much to my surprise, she immediately started to walk much better without pulling much on the leash.  Her brother on the other hand, was still pulling quite a bit as he was still on his standard collar.  Even the discomfort on his throat was not influencing him to stop his level of pulling.

When his new Gentle Leader arrived in the mail yesterday, I immediately sized it up for Chester and today, we went out for the first time with the new one.  Also to my surprise again, Chester was immediately walking much better without pulling anymore.  It was like night and day compared to the standard collar.

So I’m definitely going to keep both Chester and Roxie on their Gentle Leaders since they walk so well with them on.  I don’t see any harm in it at all nor does my dog trainer.

For basics in general obedience, see my free small dog training video (which works equally well for large dogs as well).

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