Fresh News Cat Litter Works Well In Dog Litter Box

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Fresh News Cat Litter Used In Dog Litter Box

The owner of my local Global Pet Foods store recently introduced me to a new product called Fresh News cat litter when I was picking up another supply of Purina Yesterday’s News which I use in the dog litter box for my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  We’ve been combining Yesterday’s News with the Purina Second Nature dog litter and the Petco brand we buy from our trips to Niagara Falls, New York.

We’ve used Yesterday’s News for several years and it works well but the one thing I don’t like about it is that the pellets are so small that there is quite a lot of tracking (pellets end up on the floor) whenever Chester or Roxie step out of the dog litter box.  So when the Global Pet Foods guy told me that Fresh News is also non-clumping litter, which would be a definite requirement if used in a dog litter box, I wanted to check it out.

I can see from the green package that there is a see through section which shows the actual pellets of Fresh News.  These pellets are larger than those of Yesterday’s News and are also made of recycled newsprint as all the other litter products we use.  Although Fresh News pellets are not as large as the official dog litter brands like Second Nature and the Petco brand, I wanted to try a bag of this new product at home.

I figured that by using larger pellets compared to Yesterday’s News, we would end up with less tracking which in turn means less cleanup for me whenever my dogs jump out of their litter box.  And it turned out to be an accurate prediction.

Updated Recommendation For Dog Litter

So my updated recommendation for dog litter is use either Purina Second Nature or the similar Petco brand.  For Canadians who cannot buy either of these in Canada, I would suggest using Fresh News cat litter instead.

If Fresh News is not available in your area, you can use Purina Yesterday’s News since it is a good product for dog litter.  Just expect some tracking.

For Canadians who live close to the USA border like I do, stock up on Purina Second Nature and Petco’s brand whenever you travel across the border to do some shopping.  We bought about two large bags of Second Nature and three bags of Petco during out last trip down there.

Then combine these official dog litter brands with either Fresh News or Yesterday’s News you can buy up here in Canada.  We like to use the smaller pellets (Fresh News and Yesterday’s News) as the bottom layer with the larger pellets of Second Nature and Petco as the top layer in the dog litter box.  The larger pellets help weigh down the smaller pellets to minimize tracking.

For more information on the actual training progression to train your dog to use an indoor litter box, see Potty Training Dogs With A Litterbox.

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