Different Products For Crate Training Your Dog

Crate Training Your Dog

Previously, there were two main products for crate training your dog.  There was the solid plastic dog crate with a metal gate door and then there was the wire frame cage. Both work quite well but I think many dogs prefer the solid plastic crate since it’s covered and gives more of a den like environment which is what you want to creat for your dog.  A dog crate should be a place for your dog to sleep or just relax.  It’s a place for your dog to retreat and get away from it all in a nice, comfortable and safe place.

Now, there is a third product option.  I saw a promotional writeup about a covered crate that was made of fabric and therefore could easily be folded up for simply transport.  I can see this as a good option as well.  I haven’t really looked into these types of dog crates yet but I do like the idea.

Nice Option For Crate Training Your Dog

I think this new type of dog crate is a nice option for crate training your dog.  Like the hard plastic crate, this cloth one is also covered which gives it the den like atmosphere again.  However, since it’s flexible, I will be easier to move around.  Even if you don’t do much travel with your dog, a flexible dog crate might be easier to move around just in the house.

I might invest in one of these flexible cloth crates in the future if I get a third dog here at home since we already have to hard plastic crates.  I’ll keep my eye out for reviews from dog owners who have bought one of these new style units.

For more on crate training your dog and basic dog training, see my dog website.  To get much more information on crate training, see my new article along with a video on Crate Training Puppies.

crate training your dog
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