First Trip Seeing My Dogs On Video

Like many pet owners, I usually keep some small photos of my dogs in my wallet.  When I travel and miss them, I would usually pull these photos out to look at them for a bit.  But since I’m with my laptop computer for this current business trip I’m on in Atlanta, I viewed some of the videos that have my dogs in them since they were already loaded in my hard drive.  This is the first trip where I actually viewed video footage rather than just still photos of my dogs.  Of course, watching in motion is great and does a fantastic job in putting a big smile on my face is video shows each of my dogs’ unique characteristics and quirks much better than still photos can ever do.

So if you are going on a trip soon and will carry either a laptop or smaller personal device that could play videos, try having a clip or two of your beloved dog there.  I’m sure that it will bring a smile to your face too while you are on the road.  Of course, if you do this in public, people might make some funny faces at you but who cares?  Other pet owners of course will understand!

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