First Outdoor Test With Muttluks Dog Boots

Muttluk Dog Boots

After returning the Pawz dog boots because of great difficulty in getting them on my two dogs’ paws, I exchanged them for two sets of Muttluks instead.  These are the same brand of dog boots that one of my neighbour has for his dog and he highly recommends them.

I wanted to use some dog boots for my two lhasa apsos since their paws tend to get sensitive to the road salt and my girl Roxie is slightly more sensitive to cold snow and ice than her brother Chester.  Now, there’s the option to keep them inside the house or just go out to the backyard area for a short romp in the snow rather than longer walks in salty or snowy conditions.  We don’t absolutely have to go out since both of my lhasa apsos went through dog potty training with an indoor dog litter box with total success.

Want Exercise Despite Indoor Dog Potty Training

We do want to go out sometimes for the exercise rather than for the purpose of dog potty training business particularly when it’s a nice sunny day.  Whenever my boy Chester is out in the backyard with his dog friends, he will run around with them and get enough of a workout.  However, my girl Roxie tends not to play with the boys so I think she needs some of the longer walks to get her exercise in.  Otherwise, she might be prone to gain weight over the winter.  That’s where the dog boots will come in.

First Outdoor Test With New Dog Boots

The Muttluks looked like they are constructed well but I was quite surprised by the long length of the boot.  This made it initially tricky to put on.  With some struggle, I did manage to get all Muttluks on both of my dogs so this itself was more successful than with the Pawz dog boots.

We went out immediately to get them use to the boots and they adjusted quickly.  However, within about ten minutes in the backyard, nearly all of the Muttluks, both front and back ones, fell off both of my dogs.  Good thing we were only in the backyard so I was able to retrieve all of them without losing any.

My neighbour was outside at the time and he said that they were not on tight enough.  He said that he went through the same experience and it’s only after a few times out when he learned to put the dog boots on tighter, that they no longer come off.  So I’ll give the Muttluks another try and maybe even practise at home getting them on my dogs.

On another note, if you are interested in how I took my lhasa apsos through dog potty training indoors, see my webpage on this subject.  More general basic dog training is available through my free dog training video.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: C. G. P. Grey

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