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#pets #dogs #dog – I interviewed a pet sitter last night and I think I am going to use her to look after my two dogs while I’m away on my overseas trip in November.  I had to get a new pet sitter because the one I used before, who was great, retired from overnight stays.  My dogs required someone to stay overnight so that they don’t bark at night time and disturb the neighbours.

I ended up finding an association called Pet Sitters International and they have a website that helps locate pet sitters in your area.  This locate function even has breakdowns of certain criteria you might want to choose.  For example, there was a choice specifically for overnight stays which is what I needed for my dogs.  Some even had training available.

Even though for my upcoming trip, I’m going to be paying about $10 more per night than if I chose to board my two dogs at a local kennel, my dogs will be much happier and less stressed out while I’m away since they will be staying in their home.  Staying in a kennel, even though it’s safe, doesn’t give them much room and is in a strange environment.  Things are often dirtier at kennels too as I always had to give my dogs baths after they came home from staying at these facilities.

By staying at home with an overnight pet sitter, my dogs can sleep in their own crates in my bedroom where there is still a scent of me in the room even while I’m away.  Apparently, this is helpful according to dog experts.

So next time you have to travel on business or vacation and leave your dog, instead of boarding it at a kennel, you might want to consider hiring a pet sitter instead.  Local pet shops might have business cards of local pet sitters and going through Pet Sitters International would be another good way.

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