Final Heat Wave Of Summer Too Hot For Dogs

#dog #dogs #toronto — Up here in the Toronto area, we are heading into probably the final week of a heat wave for the summer.  Lots of strong sunshine out there for the next couple of days.  Average temperations up here will be about 32 degrees Celcius which is about 89.6 degrees Farenheight.  At these temperatures along with the sunshine, it will be too hot for my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie to be outside.

So I’m going to keep them indoors during the daytime until late in the day or even early evening when the sunshine won’t be as strong and perhaps when the temperatures will be a bit lower.  My two dogs in particular get hot really easily during these types of days and they let me know with their heavy panting.

This will be the same for many other dogs out there as well so do be careful during the heat.  Definitely do not leave your dogs inside your car parked outside during these days.  Better to just leave them at home with the air conditioner turned on if necessary.

There have been cases where dogs left inside hot cars where police and animal control officers were called in by worried passerbys.  Owners later got fined or even arrested for their negligence.

So do the right thing over the next couple of days.  Enjoy the last part of summer but also have some common sense when it comes to your dogs outside in the heat.

For me, I’m going to spend much of the daytime working inside on my next book which will be on potty training dogs with a litterbox.  My two dogs will probably be either watching the world go by from a window while they are nice and cool inside or taking their naps.

By the way, summer time and fall are great times to do some dog training outdoors with your dog.   I still put my dogs through some fun drills outside during our walks usually late in the afternoon or early evenings.  If you haven’t seen my basic dog training video yet, you can do so for free.  Just look at the info on this at the blog sidebar on the top left or at the Dog Training tab at my Life With Dogs Facebook page.

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