Female Dog Humps Her Brother During Play – Hilarious Video

Female Dog Humps Her Brother

My two Lhasa Apso dogs always succeed in entertaining me and my friends.  However, my girl Roxie in particular, ended up entertaining us in a way that we would never have guessed.  She is the more dominant of the two dogs and sometimes she exhibits this dominance over her brother by humping him.

I have actually never heard of a female dog humping another dog before so you can imagine my surprise when I first saw Roxie do this to her brother even when she was a puppy.  She continues to this day, this funny habit.  The other funny thing is that her brother usually just stands there taking it all without complaint.

Female Dog Humping On Video

What usually happens these days is when her brother Chester is wrestling with his Maltese friend in the backyard.  That’s when Roxie takes advantage of the opportunity.  Chester is so preoccupied playing with his friend that he doesn’t seem to care where his sister is.

Finally, now at five years of age, I got this on video the other week during one of their regular play sessions outside in the back yard area.  You will see just how my female dog humps her brother while he is wrestling with the Maltese.  The video footage is absolutely hilarious.

Is Female Dog Humping A Problem?

I’m sometimes asked whether it’s a problem for a female dog humping another dog.  My opinion here is that as you will see in the following video, nobody gets hurt.  Sure from our point of view, it must be humiliating to my boy Chester but I don’t think he actually cares since he’s having so much fun with the Maltese.  If everyone seems to be having fun, I’m not going to bother to try and change Roxie’s behaviour.

What’s even cuter is if you watch the video carefully, Roxie sort of scratches her feet on the ground right after her first ‘session’ on her brother.  You can hear both the Maltese’s owner and I laughing in the background.

I hope this video entertains you and feel free to make comments below as you watch a female dog hump her brother.

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  • Tina

    I have two Lhasa Apso dogs as well….Leo and Lexi. Leo is usually the one that does the humping but sometimes Lexi will give Leo a taste of his own medicine. It’s so funny because she is not very good at it and it seems like she is doing it in slow motion. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy all of your videos.

  • I have seen female dogs humping things, but never another dog, but you are right the video is hilarious and obviously no-one was hurt with it – maybe Chester doesn’t realize it is supposed to be his job, not hers 🙂

    Gorgeous dogs 🙂

  • Thanks Ellen. Chester doesn’t do much humping anymore since he was neutered. So I guess that procedure worked, but not for Roxie 🙂

  • Thanks for watching Tina!

  • I’ve got three dogs, one boy and two girls. The boy, Binx, will sometimes hump both the girls. One of the girls, Zoe, will sometimes hump both the others. The third girl, Lily, doesn’t really get it (she’s young). I think humping is purely a sign of dominance. One dog is trying to show that he/she is the leader, in control.

  • I agree Angela. My Roxie is the more dominant one compared to her brother.

  • Ponchan

    That is hilarious, enjoyed that video so much!

  • Yup, my two never fail to entertain in their silly ways!

  • Dez

    That is cute, I think Roxie was jealous of Chester playing with the maltese.