Example When Litter Training Dogs Really Pays Off

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This past weekend was a clear great example when litter training dogs really pays off.  I was attending a three day event here in my home town of Mississauga, Ontario which is next to Toronto.  This was the Carassauga Festival of Cultures which takes place each spring and is a multicultural weekend of pavilions showcasing over 60 different countries from around the world.  I had planned to attend this festival to take video footage for my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV series and wanted to check out every single pavilion which would take me the entire three days.

So these were long days away from home and it’s a good thing that both of my lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie have graduated from litter training.  I did not need to rush home every several hours just to take them out so they can relieve themselves.  They just went to their litter box whenever they needed to go.

Litter training would be perfect for those who work all day as well.  You never know when you might be delayed coming home because of heavy traffic or some other circumstance.  Rather than having your dog having to hold everything in longer than needed and possibly making accidents at home, the litter box just takes the stress away.

When I did finally come home each night, I did take my dogs out for a bit just for fun and exercise.  One time it wasn’t even a big walk as it was just a romp out in the back where there were other neighbourhood dogs already outside.  So it was playtime more than anything else.

By the way, the Carassauga event was awesome.  Even if your dog is not litter trained, if you live around the Mississauga area, this event is a must see next year.  The sites are relatively close to each other and it would be relatively easy to come home if you have to take your dogs out.  But of course, the litter training option is just so much more convenient.

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