Evaluating More Dog Training Materials

Dog Training Materials

I’m currently evaluating more dog training materials to see if I like them enough and if they have enough good information in order to recommend them to my dog blog readers.  I am always on the lookout for good dog resources.  If there’s anything I come across and I think it is useful, I will recommend them.  If I don’t like any such materials or products, I won’t recommend them.  That’s the ethical thing to do for my fellow dog owners.

I’m currently going through this one book and one thing I’m already putting to the test is how my dogs take food from my hands.  Chester, my boy, has a very gentle touch with his mouth when he takes food and treats from my hand.  His sister Roxie on the other hand, has always had a more careless manner where sometimes she just chomps on whatever I give her and she ends up with more teeth than I would like it on my fingers.

For some reason, I always ignored this since it doesn’t really hurt.  It’s more of an annoyance more than anything else.  But this book I’m reading is suggesting that I should teach my dogs to take food from my hands in a gentle manner.  They should be more careful with their teeth.

So I’m trying out the prescribed training method on Roxie hoping that she will be able to learn to be more gentle with her mouth even at five years of age.  And to my surprise, the training seems to be working very quickly.  She will adjust right away if I think she’s not controlling her mouth with my fingers enough.

I have to be consistent like all other skills in dog training.  So this might work out after all so that Roxie will be more like her brother Chester as far as taking food is concerned.  With this training, I don’t see why she can’t be successful.  Both her and Chester have mastered many skills including puppy housebreaking with an indoor dog litter box, something that most dogs don’t know how to do.

I will need a few more days to get through this book and if I recommend it, I will certainly announce it here on this blog.  In the meantime, for basic dog training skills, see my video if you haven’t already done so.  More information is at the sidebar of this blog.

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