EPI Dog Gained Some Weight Back

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EPI Dog Gained Some Weight

Since we started my Lhasa Apso dog Chester on Pancrease V powder for EPI treatment about a week ago, he has gained some much needed weight back.  When he was at the vet specialist clinic, he was weighing only about 12.5 pounds down from his normal 20 pound weight which is a 30% drop in body mass.

Now after a week on EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) treatment, he has gained back about 3 pounds to about 15.5 pounds.  And his stools are much smaller, darker and well formed.  He still has a long way to go but things seem to be in the right direction.

We went into his usual vet clinic to get a vitamin B12 shot which the specialist wanted us to start.  He will get another one during his specialist follow up visit next week.  These vitamin B12 injections run about $35 each time but the staff is suggesting that I learn how to administer the injections at home which will save me some money. The vitamin B12 is suppose to help him absorb more nutrients along with the Pancrease V powder.

One issue we have to deal with right now is that Chester’s entire head is smelling like Pancrease V powder since he has long hair and puts his entire face into his dog bowl during meals.  The powder must be mixed in with his food which is also softened with water.

So instead of this usual dry kibble state of his meals, he is now eating a wet version which he seems to like equally well but of course is messy on his face.  I’ll try to start washing his face after meals.

Along with his now three meals daily, Chester also gets 1/4 tablet of Pepsid twice a day (dissolved easily into two of his daily meals) plus a bit of pumpkin filling.  He is just finishing up his course of antibiotics today and we’ll see if the specialist will continue with them next week.

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