Enjoying No Cherry Eye On My Dog

#dog #dogs #doghealth  —  Well, we are still using the eye ointment on my dog Chester and certainly enjoying the fact that he has no cherry eye now.  It’s so nice to see his beautiful eyes in their real glory again!

He will still be on the ointment each day but for only one single dose at night for another week before we have a follow up appointment at the vet.

In case if some of you are still unclear about what cherry eye looks like again, here are some photos of other dogs with cherry eye.  It’s not a pleasant looking condition but is not painful for them fortunately.  However, they do have to have this condition corrected or else their eyes will get dry.

Nina up close with Cherry EyeCherry Eye
Creative Commons License photo credit: spacemanor
Creative Commons License photo credit: Chris-Gonzales90

You will notice that on one of the eyes in each of the dogs above, there is a red protrusion on the inside corner of the eye.  This is the gland that is responsible for about 1/3 of the eye’s tear production.  If this gland dries out after prolonged exposure like this, the dog will lose this 1/3 of tear production and the eye will get dry.  This will require eye drops permanently.

In most cases of cherry eye, surgery is required to correct it.  The vets will stitch this gland back underneath the eyelid.  In our case, the eye ointment worked to regress the cherry eye on Chester so surgery was averted.

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