Emergency Vet Clinics Handy But Not Cheap

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My neighbour who had to bring his shih tzu dog into the emergency vet clinic on Sunday night gave me the details on what happened.  His dog apparently hurt his dew claw during play.  Maybe he got it caught in the patio tiles or somethine.  It started bleeding out quite a bit so it was decided that a trip to the emergency vet clinic was needed.

The vets there ended up removing the dew claw nail but said that it will start growing back within two weeks.  My neighbour said that they were at the clinic for a total of about one hour and a half.  They had to wait for some of the more serious cases to get through first.  This is similar to the emergency departments at hospitals for us humans where the triage would sort the various patient cases by severity.

Our emergency vet clinic is not too far from our neighbourhood and very convenient.  It’s open 24 hours, seven days per week but because it’s so handy, the services don’t come cheap.

My neighbour said that as soon as you walk in the door, it’s a $150 initial charge.  And then the dew claw removal and care was about another $170 on top of that.  But of course when your pet is suddenly ill or injured, us pet owners do not think about the costs.  We want the best and most rapid access to vet services for our beloved dogs, cats or other pets.

If it was during business hours and I had an emergency with one of my dogs, I would make a quick call to my regular vet clinic first to see if somebody is available there.  If so, I would opt to send my dog there since it’s somewhat familiar surroundings.  If after hours or a vet isn’t at my regular vet clinic, I would go to the emergency vet clinic instead.

Again, it is very important that you know where your emergency vet clinic is if there is one located in your area.  I have the telephone number and location on my fridge.

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