Eating Speeds Not Part Of Dog Obedience Training

Too bad eating speeds are not part of dog obedience training. I mentioned before that I separate my two dogs during mealtimes because my boy Chester eats much faster than his sister Roxie.

I simply use a large metal container placed between their dog dishes but I still have to supervise things to prevent my boy from getting into his sister’s food.

I decided to actually time their eating speeds just for curiosity. With equal amounts of dog food given at the same time, I set the clock. My girl Roxie, as usual, took her sweet time which is painfully slow for me to watch.

She’ll take a few nuggets, move away from the dog dish and of course, chew with her mouth open so some nuggets end up falling all over the floor which she’ll have to pick up again.

Then she’ll take a few more nuggets, go drink some water, take more nuggets, then look around before continuing. She is such a slow eater. Since she’s my first female dog, I’m not sure if all girls eat so slow (isn’t this a human trait?)

By the time she’s actually finished with her meal, the clock showed five minutes and five seconds.

Throughout this time, her brother just kept licking his own dog dish. Chester’s eating style is in complete contrast to his sister’s. He’s much like Cookie Monster from the show Sesame Street.

Once there’s food, his head is deep inside his dog dish and it stays down there until all his food is gone. It’s like he doesn’t even come up for air as he just inhales all his food like a mini vacuum cleaner.

Now just to show you why I always have to wait until Roxie is finished — the clock showed Chester’s eating time at … 55 seconds!

If I could only train Roxie to eat faster or Chester to eat slower! But again, it’s not part of dog obedience training!

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