Easy Way To Give Your Dog A Bath

I realize that it’s sometimes hard to get a dog to take a bath.  It’s even harder to give a dog a bath without getting wet yourself since he/she can try to move around and spash water all over the place or even jump out of the basin or sink. And when you have more than one dog, it’s a real hassle to control both of them at the same time.

I use an easy way to give my two dogs baths.  I actually take both of them right into my shower stall at the same time.  This is a place where I actually don’t mind getting wet since I might as well take my shower too!

With a glass door rather than a regular tub with a shower curtain, it’s also impossible for any of my dogs to escape as well.  Of course, it is best to train your dog to such an environment when young while still a puppy.  Right now, both of my dogs willingly go into the shower with me and know what to expect without complaining too much. In fact, it’s pretty easy now to clean up my dogs.

It’s also important in my mind to get dogs use to the hair dryer as well while they are still young.  Right now, both of mine sit or lie down quietly while I blow dry them.  Getting your dog use to your chosen bath scenario should be part of overall dog training.  For some great dog training tips on video, see either this blog’s sidebar or the Dog Training Tips tab at the Life With Dogs And Puppies Facebook page.

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