Early Morning Habit Part Of His Dog Housetraining

Dog Housetraining Habit

My boy Chester, a five year old Lhasa Apso, has a very different morning routine than his sister Roxie, even though both went through the same dog housetraining together.  No matter how late we go to bed at night, Chester is the first to get up in the morning.

He has a habit of getting up at around 6:30 am, even when it’s still pitch dark during the winter months.  He exits his crate in our bedroom and goes over to the bathroom where his puppy litter box is located.  After he’s done and if the rest of us are not up yet, which is usually the case, he just comes back into the bedroom.  He will either go back into his crate or check up to see who else is up yet.

First To The Puppy Litter Box

So he is always the first to go to the puppy litter box.  Chester will go while Roxie and I are still asleep or still drowsy in bed.  I know this for a fact because sometimes when I’m not sound asleep, I can hear him on the puppy litter box as he steps in and out of it.  I would sometimes glance over at my clock and it is usually around 6:30 am.

Now his sister is another story.  She usually doesn’t get up until much later and sometimes when I get up.  She is often the last to get up in fact.  She might not even go to the puppy litter box until after breakfast.   So despite going through the same dog housetraining as her brother, they both have very different morning habits.

Acceptable Dog Housetraining

The different morning habits for Chester and Roxie are not a concern to me at all.  I don’t really care when they go do their business as long as when it’s in the house, it’s in the puppy litter box I got for them.  So in my mind, their dog housetraining skills are intact with slightly different timing schedules which is fine by me.

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puppy litter box dog housetraining
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