Driving A Car With Your Little Dog On Your Lap

#dog #dogs #puppy #puppies  —  Okay, I’m going to get a bit nasty in this blog post but while I was driving in my car yesterday, some lady in another car beside mine stopped at an intersection and she had her little dog with her sitting on her lap while driving her car.  I’m not sure what breed it was but it was about the same size as a chihauhua but not that particular breed.

Now, on the surface to many non-dog owners and maybe even some dog owners out there, this image might look pretty cute having your little dog sit on your lap while you drive.  But this is actually a very dangerous scenario for the dog and even potentially for the driver.

If the dog gets distracted, they could jump out of the car if the window is open or distract the driver which in turn will put the driver’s attention away from the road potentially causing an accident.  Try explaining that to the police officer if you get involved in an accident and it was your dog’s fault!

But even worse, what if the airbag goes off?  You’ve seen in videos how hard that airbag can come off sometimes even bruising the driver or passengers.  Imagine that airbag’s impact on a little dog.  The poor little dog will likely not survive the impact from an airbag at full force.

Now, one might claim that he or she is a good driver so the chances of getting into an accident with the airbag is minimal.  That might be the case but what if somebody else hits you?  Not all drivers are good drivers out there.  What if somebody else hits your car causing your airbag to go off?  Then what?

To make matters worse, this same lady I saw continued off on the ramp leading to the highway with her little dog still sitting on her lap as if the dog was helping her do the driving.  This makes things even more dangerous when high speeds are involved.

Again, this scene might look darn cute but come on folks, this is a recipe for potential disaster.  Having your little dog sit on your lap while you drive your car is just plain irresponsible.  If you care about your dog at all and his or her safety, don’t have it sit on your lap while you drive!

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