Don’t Leave Your Dog Inside Your Car In Summertime

dog left in car summer heat puppy

Don’t Leave Your Dog Inside Car

This is just our quick video shot inside my car with my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie (mainly Chester) to remind people not to leave their dogs inside their cars during the summertime with the windows all the way up.  This is especially crucial during the daytime hours when sunshine is intense.

The temperature inside cars can heat up significantly more than the air temperature outside and many dogs have suffered heat stroke as a result.  Some dogs unfortunately have also died because of negligent dog owners.

Many people, including myself, will not hesitate to break down a car window if we saw a dog inside a car left in a shopping mall parking lot.  Police will be called in and in these cases, the owners will be arrested and charged for negligence when they return back to their vehicles.  But these consequences are minor compared to losing your pet’s life.

Leave Your Dog At Home

If you can’t have somebody inside the car with the dog at all times, do the right thing and leave your pet at home where it’s cool and safe.  I do not take my dogs with me when I go grocery shopping, banking or other day to day errands during the daytime hours.  I would much rather leave them at home where it’s comfortable for them.

On a related note, see our dogs in cars safety video with the use of dog seat belts.

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