Don’t Leave Your Dog In The Car During Summer

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Now that we are starting to get some summer heat up here in eastern Canada (as I’m sure many other places too), it’s very important to remind ourselves as responsible dog owners not to leave our dogs in the car during these hot days.  The temperature inside your car parked outside during the summer daytime can heat up much faster than the actual outdoor temperatures.  Dogs have died of heatstroke because of this type of negligence.

If you have to go out shopping for example, don’t feel that you have to bring your dog with you.  It’s much better to simply leave your dog at home where it’s cooler.  If you have to bring your dog out for whatever reason and leave your car, make sure there’s water and that there is some window rolled down for air.  Also if possible, leave the car on with the air conditioner turned on and keep your time away short.

It is now illegal in many areas to leave your pet inside a car during hot days.  In fact, some dog owners have gotten into legal trouble as concerned citizens have called in police and animal control authorities. when cars parked with dogs parked outside in the summer heat were spotted.  I recall that one such case made the TV news here a few years ago and the dog owner was arrested.

If the summer daytime temperature gets too high, I don’t even allow my dogs to go outside since they will just get too hot very quickly.  You can easily tell when they start panting.  Instead, we go outside for walks much later in the day when the sun is starting to go down.

So do treat your dogs like your kids.  You wouldn’t leave your kids or babies inside your car in the summer heat would you?  So do the same thing with your beloved dogs.

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